March 11, 2023


Time Name Description
8am Registration Opens See the venue
8:45am Introductions EMCEE Eric Belardo, Fox Pick, CTF313
9am Opening Keynote Tracy Z. Maleeff
9:45am-10:45am 1. Coffee & Pastries
2. Meet our sponsors
3. Fox Pick - Lockpicking
4. CTF313
1. Located in the Heritage Room
2. Sponsor booths in Heritage Room room all day
3. Located in Cameron Room till end of day
4. Located in Harris Room till end of day
10am Track A: DIY Malware: All my base are belong to me!
Track B: College Student to Penetration Tester Using Discord
Track A: Mike Salvatore
Track B: Evan Isaac
10:45am Break Coffee and Pastries end
11am Track A: Formulating Red Team Scenarios with the power of open-source Intelligence
Track B: Give Yourself a Brand
Track A: TJ Null
Track B: Lisa Saurs
11:45am Break
12pm Lunch Nearby Restaurants
1pm Track A: How to Build the Perfect Red Team Hardware Implant
Track B: Building an Awesome Governance Program
Track A: Sean T Smith
Track B: Justin Leapline
1:45m Break
2pm Track A: The 3 Ws of Pentesting
Track B: Applying the MITRE Cyber Resiliency Engineering Framework
Track A: Joel Prentice
Track B: Art Ocain
2:45pm Break
3pm Track A: The Power of Purple - An Introduction to Purple Teaming
Track B: Mentorship in the Evolution of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Track A: Sam Ferguson
Track B: Jessica Hoffman
3:45pm Break
4pm Closing Talks
Thank you!
Scott Davis
Cybersecurity Association of Pennsylvania
4:30pm Volunteers: Call to Action Venue Break Down